UAVs for UXO detection

Our Product

We develop autonomous systems to make the detection of unexploded ordnance more efficient and safe. Our choice is to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as the platform for our systems which survey the land for unexploded ordnance.

Higher Efficiency

Up to 80 % faster than manual survey

Works on every ground

The UAV flies also above water, mud and steep slopes

safe and ergonomic

The Staff does not need to perform manual survey

constant quality

The autonomous process minimizes human error

reliable documentation

The survey process is documented automatically


Step 1: Setup

The system consisting of the UAV and a ground station is placed next to the survey area. A search area will be defined with our companion software which automatically calculates the flight path. In contrast to the manual process, there are no land surveyors needed anymore.

Step 2: Magnetic Survey

The UAV flies assisted by RTK-GPS with centimeter-level accuracy above the ground. The integrated magnetic field sensors measure earth's magnetic field and transmits the data to the ground station.

Step 3: Marking

Based on the magnetic data metallic objects are identified. Their positions will be marked digitally as well as physically on the ground. Consequently, the clearance team can quickly locate them.

Step 4: Clearance

The found objects can now be uncovered to identify if the are actually UXOs or scrap metal. A GPS enabled handheld device helps the clearance staff to locate them and document the outcome of the excavation.

About Us

Driven by the motivation to help people, we envision a world where everybody can live in a safe environment. Therefore, we want to contribute to a world free from explosive remnants of war. This leads us to our fundamental goal of crowdsweeper: the development of an autonomous flight system for the detection and marking of UXOs. On the path to this goal, we will face a lot of challenges. We overcome these as a team by using our individual strengths, learning from each other and pushing ourselves to the best.

Linh Bùi Duy


Marcel Hansel


Crowdsweeper is a young project that is steadily evolving. Since 2016 we are bringing a simple idea into reality while taking every day a step forward to reach our goals.

  • January

    An idea is born

    On New Year's Day 2016 everything starts with reading a news article about the danger by UXO's in Syria.

  • March

    First Prototype

    With the support of a students team from the University of Magdeburg, we build the first flying UAV.

  • February

    Second Prototype

    After extensive testing of our first prototype, we came up with a new detection technology and marking system

  • January

    Financing Secured

    Due to a grant by Saxony-Anhalt we are ready to complete the development of our UAV system

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